what we do

Creative Displays provides a wide variety of services that help you meet nearly any trade show or display need imaginable. If it involves a display, we do it.

We can take your booth from concept to construction, without the hassles of multiple vendors or markup of multiple invoices. With Creative Displays, you also have a committed team that is married to your display every step of the way.

Services we offer include:

  • Budget and timeline preparation for event planning purposes
  • 3-D renderings for presentations
  • AutoCAD drafting and detail shop drawings
  • Graphics creation for murals, backdrops and more
  • Carpentry and fabrication
  • Graphics production for large-format prints
  • Engineering of Octanorm building system solutions
  • Communication with trade show management and event organizers
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Storage between shows
  • International capabilities, including arranging overseas labor, power conversion, work visas and more

You can take advantage of services as needed, or package them all together with our turnkey operation. Choose whatever option suits you best.

The Lifecycle of Your Trade Show Booth

Here's an example of what you can expect from your trade show booth project:

  • You meet with a senior account executive who will manage your booth from start to storage
  • We begin design based on your exact needs and budget
  • We produce all your graphics and complete booth fabrication
  • You relax while we work to secure early registration and other discounts (if possible) from event management
  • We assign a lead supervisor from Creative Displays that will travel with your booth from show to show
  • We submit certificates of insurance, booth configuration and all electrical layouts required by the show
  • We work with a commercial printer to have high-quality show literature produced for you
  • We handle freight arrangements to ensure your booth arrives safely and on time
  • We hire local labor for you in accordance with event regulations
  • We coordinate all show-related services
  • You avoid the number-crunching as we reconcile billing with event staff
  • You start planning for the next event while we store booth materials until next show