Creative Displays can transform a lobby, portable trailer or office into an elegant showcase of your work.

We can create a stunning office layout by offering you a number of unique design services, including:

  • Creating floor plan layouts and wall elevations for controlling traffic flow to final detailed and scaled drawings.
  • Preparing lighting and electrical layouts for your general contractors.
  • Designing custom furniture components to best present and sell your properties or developments.
  • Incorporating materials and design features of your project to carry out the desired look and feel throughout your sales office.
  • Providing a complete interior design package to complement the sales office experience. Includes specifying and purchasing electronics, wall and window coverings, flooring, lighting, office furniture and accessories.

We take our knowledge of space and design and use it to capture the spirit of your business. You can impress your clients and guests the moment they set foot inside your doors. The rest is up to you.

Click here to view samples of our real estate displays.